We understand that investing in our youth will produce future leaders whose own legacies will ultimately be significant.

Why we need your SUPPORT

We know the investments we make in our youth will yield phenomenal results in the form of future community leaders.

Sponsoring our events will provide financial assistance to athletes who would not otherwise be able to play due to financial constraints.These scholarships make it possible to participate in the USA Connect ME tryout's events.

This type of funding can cover program dues, uniforms, and also provide some university-support. It is our honor to make these investments in those deserving athletes. The financial component is just one aspect.

It also allows us to improve our identification and placement programs, provide scholarships for worthy athletes and offset the cost of tryout participation.

USA Connect ME is able to provide sponsors with significant opportunities for exposure within the community, through a variety of mechanisms including digital, print and uniform sponsorships.


6 good reasons to become an USA Connect sponsor

The image, the image, the image

Sponsoring the event is beneficial for your business because it will definitely improve your brand image.

Boost your team

Not only does this type of approach put your brand forward, but it is also an excellent way to unite your team by creating a common center of interest.

Increase the visibility of the company

By sponsoring the event, your logo or your brand will appear everywhere thanks to the various personalized objects distributed to the participants. Sponsorship will allow you to increase your visibility.

Reward customers and partners

The company benefits from counterparties, which it can reserve for its best customers but also some of its partners.

Expand your professional network

Sports sponsorship remains an excellent tool for public relations.

Become a sponsor

USA Connect ME strives to be a leader in youth outreach, believing the more young lives we inspire, the greater impact felt in communities. The strong leaders of tomorrow begin with our investment today.

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