The American dream
Has never got so close

USA Connect is an agency that places talented Athletes in Universities in the US by providing them with Scholarships. USA Connect Middle-East was created to offer this opportunity to Talented Football Players in Lebanon and the region.

Our Aim

Our aim is to create Golden Opportunities for the Youth Talented Football Players to spread their wings onto a Bigger and Better Future abroad through:

- Granting them Scholarship to American Universities
- Our professional network to provide them with
better opportunities in their sports career later on.

Success Stories

Selection Process

The second edition of USA Connect Middle East will be in two rounds:
Preselections: January 7 – Beirut, January 14 – Tripoli, January 21 Tyre

Big Final: January 14 at Fouad Chehab Stadium

During these two events the players will be evaluated by “USA Connect” scouts from France and USA and professional coaches.

Following the big final, the most talented players will have the opportunity to sign a “University Placement” contract to obtain a scholarship in one of the American universities in partnership with USA Connect.

USA Connect Middle-East offers you the opportunity to study and play soccer in top quality facilities in the United States.



Number of players sent to the US universities
Amount of scholarship granted since 2010

Why us?

- Play college soccer for one of the 1,700 universities with a soccer team.
- Get a college scholarship for your talent and your university degree while you’re at it.

- There is no better place in the world to combine university studies with sports than in the US.
- Get the best of both worlds!

- With the increased costs of education and living it is important to find ways to finance higher education.
- A scholarship can reduce or in some cases eliminate the cost of a valuable degree.

Student-athletes train daily and compete at state-of-the-art facilities with a fantastic supporting network of coaches, nutritionists, physios and academic advisors.

- This is a life-changing opportunity that opens many doors for future possibilities.
- Develop a fantastic international network consisting of friends, colleagues, mentors and business professionals.

The experience of living, studying, playing and travelling in the US – this is a big step and one that encourages and requires the student to mature as a person and become more independent.

- The University system will develop you as an athlete.
- The system is designed to give student-athletes the opportunity to reach their sporting potential and intellectual ambitions at the same time.

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